Whip Roofing Siding and Windows is a full service Oklahoma company.  We specialize in making your home Energy Efficient.  At no charge to you, we will come out and energy audit to see where you are losing energy.  We check your attic to make sure it has insulation.  A house without insulation is house that drains your pocket book.  It’s not good enough to just have insulation.  Your attic also needs to be properly ventilated.  We will check to make sure it has enough vents to get the job done.  We will also check your entry doors to make sure there are not gaps that let air come through.  We can put new weather stripping to combat that heat and cold.  We can also put in new entry doors.  We check all your windows for air leaks.  The most energy efficient thing you can do to your home is put new high quality vinyl windows in your home. We will come out and personally show you the most Energy Efficient
Window in the World.

Quantum 2 Power Q10 Heat Mirror

  1. Fusion Welded frame and sash
  2. Foam filled frame and sash
  3. 7/8” dual sealed PIB seal system, low E, Quad low E double strength glass.
  4. Krypton gas filled, superman is afraid of this window
  5. Stainless steel constant force spring balance system
  6. Grand Canyon stealth interlock locking system
  7. Full fiber glass screens with memory technology and a Power Q10 heat mirror
  8. Life time warranty, including glass breakage

Let my trained factory representatives come out and show you our window.  You are in good hands with Whip Roofing, Siding and Windows.  My installers are the best in the business.

My Siding representatives will come out to evaluate the wood on the exterior of your home to see if your home has any rotten or mildewed wood that attract termites and cause your home to smell like an old wet blanket, and leave your home cold and drafty in the winter, and hot and muggy in the summer.  We can put on your home our Prodigy, Next Generation Form Fitted insulated vinly siding.  Our vinyl Siding has a 50year Lifetime warranty, It is also transferrable to the new home owner if you sale your home.  Any warranty claim includes labor and material costs.  It warrants also against color fade, and has a hail damage warranty as well.  

My Roofing Material is Malarkey.  Malarkey is an Oklahoma company, manufacturing right here in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma.  It is one of the most sought after shingles by customers in the state.  We have many colors too choose from, and the design is very beautiful.  We work with your insurance company to make sure you get all you are entitled too.  We also do cash business and we accept all major credit cards.  Financing Available.  We offer home equity loans and also 0% loans and more.  We at Whip Roofing, Siding, and Windows are very excited to serve you and look forward to meeting you.