Roof Repair & Replacement

So you decided it’s time to bring in an expert to fix, repair, or replace the roof.

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What to look for when hiring a roofing contractor?

Check to ensure they’ve a contractor’s license. Get a minimum of another bid for the job to ensure they are not ripping you off.  Find a roofer which will give you a free roofing estimate before signing any contracts. The best starting point when talking to roofers. The city may also be capable to supply a list of planned roofing firms who’re comfortable with the codes and fashions of roofs in Oklahoma City.  The better business bureau would be a great contact.

When seeking suggestions, be sure to assess the kind of job the roofer was called in to reach. Determine if a roofing contractor focuses on residential properties. Were you satisfied with the quality supplied by the roofing contractor? Pay attention to roof caps, overspray from the restoration and basic craftsmanship. Are the gutters and soffit clean of overspray? Are the ridge caps laid in straight lines? In addition, proper surface prep always leads to better, more satisfying effects.

Did the roofing contractor shield non painted surfaces or regions? For exteriors this contains tangible, siding, soffits, gardens and plantings. If a roofing contractor was careless with one customers home opportunities are they will be careless with most of them. If you’re left to clean up after your roofing contractor this will cost you more time and money and disappointment. Also, if the roofer loves their job, the quality and attention to detail may be better. The clients attitude can and will influence the entire roof job. In case the answer to this query is NO then do not go any farther, you do not want to work with that company or OKC roofing contractor.

Get in writing and understand its limits! A good roofer is pleased to stand behind his guarantee. Good roofers use quality supplies and know their degree of expertise. Accidents sometimes happens with nearly every home improvement project. So ask your potential applicant what steps she or he will take to avoid injuries and damage to property. Again if your roofer is good at his work she or he will be capable to answer this question easily. Ask the roofer how she or he means to abandon the working area once the work is completed. You do not want to be clearing up following a roofer all night after they have left your home.

In other words, do your due diligence!