Whip Roofing is committed to excellence.  On May 8th 2015 a tornado ripped through the OKC & Norman, Oklahoma area.  My salesman got to the disaster area immediately.  Home owners were facing grieving circumstances, mainly busted windows.  Rains were relentless, and the winds were blowing hard. We understand the ENERGY loss and the potential for crime, so we put in windows in homes before the adjuster ever got to the claim.  This is called an emergency repair.  My crews are the most skilled professionals in the nation.  The more difficult the problem the better for my big hitter Mr. Jeremiah Deemy.  You need a room addition, erect a two story medal building, I will send him right out.

My roofer, Mr. Alonzo is top notch.  Seasoned by the east coast hurricanes in the state of Florida.  He has had to deal with inspectors on the job.  The guidelines for roofing in that state are the most difficult guidelines in the nation.  Alonzo passed with flying colors. As a matter of fact, he spent several years making a living in that environment.  Alonzo brought those skills to Oklahoma City, and let me tell you something,  he pulls chalk lines on every line, and pulls chalk lines on the ridge, he uses a minimum of five nails per shingle, and we prefer to hand nail all of our roofs.  We also put ice and water shield in all the valleys, and around chimneys.  We also put metal in all the valleys, and we paint all of the accessories to match the roof.  We use starter strip and drip edge around the entire roof.  And we put on synthetic underlayment.  This will be the best roof you have ever had.

My gutter guy is Tim Gutters.  Are you looking for perfection?  Tim is very meticulous and very creative as well.  We have had customers with water problem areas.  Tim found a way to redirect the water to move the water to the proper drain off areas.  If you are experiencing water collecting in undesirable areas, then give us a call, we will send Tim to help you protect your foundation.

Finally folks, we will finish your claim in a timely manner.  It’s my intent to finish every roof or home within 30 days.  We stand for integrity, and do the job with the intension of having a repeat customer.  It is Oklahoma, and the chances are that pesky storm will be back, so don’t let those storms Whip you, call Whip Roofing today!