Fall is Fine for Remodeling

Home Remodeling

When the sweltering temperatures of summer start drawing to a close, thoughts turn to back-to-school sales, pulling sweaters out of storage, and other fall plans.

Another pursuit that might not be traditionally associated with fall—that merits thinking about besides roofing repairs—is home repair.

“Winterizing” your home can mean things as simple as changing air filters for the heating unit, but taking time to look at some other things that might need upkeep before winter hits is also smart. While there’s still the monetary cost, the hassle of arranging repairs when leaks and potential damage are involved—not to mention pressures about preparing for the holidays, etc.—can make for more stress than is necessary. This can be avoided, however, with a little planning ahead.

Some home repair endeavors will be better suited to other seasons, and since this is something that can vary from home to home, and month to month, nothing beats a personal consultation with a seasoned contractor, when it comes to answering your questions about what kind of repairs and projects would be good to start at any given time.

But with summer winding down, there are a few types of remodeling and repairing jobs that can be focused on, with an eye towards avoiding situations cropping up and needing to be dealt with when cold weather hits. If any of these strike a chord with you, contemplate constructing a plan with a trusted contractor (Whip Roofing, known for roofing services, offers contracting services for all types of jobs & services) while the weather is still warm and while schedules are recovering from all the summer vacations and activities.

A few projects to consider during the fall months, before winter makes them emergencies…

  • Fixing Leaks. Doing some detective work about suspected leaks is much easier when temperatures are forgiving. Rotted lumber can be replaced, affected areas can be caulked and sealed, and painted before melting ice or snow multiplies the damage.
  • Installing vinyl siding. Tired of painting? Don’t wait for the current coat to peel and fade even more when you can have your new siding up and ready before moisture and cold temperatures make it a visual necessity. (If you prefer to keep your paint, the moderate weather of fall makes for good repainting. Most paint manufacturers have recommended temperatures for exterior painting, but indoor jobs can be done year round, with less loss of energy while windows are open to ventilate.) Siding is an often undervalued element in home construction, especially with regard to energy efficiency, but remember…it’s your home’s insulating layer. Don’t neglect it.
  • Replacing windows. If you’ve noticed energy expenditure rising during the summer months due to inefficient windows, get ahead of it before winter!
  • Attic Re-Insulation. Energy saving is a big theme before winter, and checking (and replacing, if necessary) the insulation in your attic is another way to cover your energy bases before you start getting those sky-high winter electric bills
  • Room Additions/Remodels. Taking the plunge can be a great decision in the fall. If your goal is to have everything ship-shape by the holidays, or have that big project over and done with before you head out of town, then firing it up in the fall is a good way to start the new year with a new look.
  • Fencing. Tornado season may be over, but even if your fence is still standing and looks to be in good shape, making sure it’s secure makes even more sense when you envision yourself hunting down an escaped pet in the dead of winter.
  • Roofing. Again, just because you made it through tornado season doesn’t mean you’re home free, just because there’s no visible damage or no observable leaks. Have a professional evaluate your roof before cold weather starts, so that a determination about its health can be made while the weather’s still good!

If one of the above falls on your autumn to-do list, consider calling the professionals at Whip Roofing. Their wide range of applicable experience and expertise makes them a top choice for Oklahomans looking for one-stop shopping for most of their contractor needs, and their attention to detail and commitment to fast, quality service means that you’ll have your new roof, fence, siding, etc., as promptly as professional service allows.

One of the goals at Whip Roofing is to ensure return customers—they want to be your contractor. And while it’s always good to have the number of a solid, dependable company at hand when emergencies hit and services are needed immediately, that same number can get you incomparable results when you’re looking for a room addition, remodel, or re-do of your fence or vinyl siding.

So, while Whip Roofing is happy to be your point of contact when a summer tornado or icy winter storm hits and wreaks havoc with your home…they’d love to be your “fair weather friends”, too!